Choosing blinds for your home office

Are you still working from home? What does your new desk look like? Whether you’ve settled in at the kitchen table, set up a standing desk, or even built an office pod in the back yard – here’s what you need to know about choosing the right blinds.

Picking out a window treatment for your home office might seem like a minor detail. But, as we’ll see, the right blinds or shades can make a difference to your comfort, eye health, and even the quality of your Zoom calls.

Here are three key factors to consider…

#1 Screen glare

Ever tried to work outdoors on a laptop? Or pulled out your cellphone on a sunny day, and realized you couldn’t see anything on the screen?

If you have too much natural light flooding into your workspace, then it will be difficult to read the screen. You’ll use more electricity while your computer pumps up the screen brightness to compensate. And you’ll be at increased risk of eye strain.

However, you don’t want to block out all natural light, either. Look for sun shades or transitional shades which will filter out the harshest light. You can adjust them through the day to keep natural light at a comfortable level. Thin fabric shades will also help protect your privacy if you’re working on sensitive documents.

#2 Sound insulation

Most of us work better in a quiet, calm atmosphere. When you’re deep into your flow, or taking part in an important meeting, the last thing you want is lots of background interference. Look out for fabric shades that will insulate you from outside noise – and help protect your privacy during phone calls and video calls.

#3 Video call backgrounds

Last of all, there’s the question of video call quality.

If you dial into meetings with your back to the window, there are two potential problems:

  • too much light interfering with picture quality
  • distractions from outside

So, once again, it’s a good idea to invest in privacy sheers or transition shades to keep you comfortable.

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