All Kinds of Blinds owner takes on 5-day Challenge

Angela Conroy, one of the co-owners of All Kinds of Blinds, is getting ready for a five-day, 60-mile trek through Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee. Angela has taken on the challenge in support of The Freedom Challenge, a movement that works against modern slavery and human trafficking.

The Jesus Steps Israel Challenge

The Jesus Steps Israel Challenge is a challenging wilderness route. To prepare, Angela will spend a whole year working out and trekking smaller distances, to build up strength and stamina.

The Challenge will start on 16th October 2020. Angela will be traveling with 39 other women dedicated to ending slavery and human trafficking. She’ll have to carry her own equipment, clothing, and overnight supplies in a backpack throughout the trip.

More about The Freedom Challenge

It’s easy to think of slavery as something in the past. But in 2019, an estimated 40 million people are still enslaved around the world. Over 70% of those enslaved people are women and children.

The Freedom Challenge helps victims of slavery with a “prevent, develop, rescue, restore” model:

    • They aim to prevent slavery through education and skills training.
    • They aim to develop a society without slavery, by supporting women with vocational training and savings programs.
    • They aim to rescue victims of slavery and trafficking and provide them with a safe place to heal.
    • They aim to restore a better life for victims, through medical care, counseling, and skills training.

Angela hopes to raise $10,000. That money will go directly to projects helping trafficked women and children in Greece, Moldova, South Asia and Africa, where human trafficking is at its height.

Please consider making a donation to this worthy cause. Click here to support Angela as she prepares for the journey ahead.