3 ways that natural light helps your health

Window treatments like shades or blinds are there for your comfort, convenience… and your health!

In today’s post, we’re taking a look at all the ways natural light supports a healthy lifestyle. The right blinds and shutters will protect you from the heat of the day, while letting in the right amount of natural light.

#1 Better for your eyesight

For a long time, nobody knew exactly what caused short-sightedness. But now, scientists believe that your eyesight is linked to how much natural light you receive as a child.

Artificial, indoor light just doesn’t have the same effect on your body. And if you’ve ever tried to read fine print or work on something small and intricate, you’ll know that daylight is better than any lamp or light bulb.

#2 Better for your mood

Sunlight is essential to our health and happiness. Human bodies need sunlight to keep our vitamin D levels high. Without enough light, you could suffer from the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency – such as fatigue, low mood, hair loss, and even damage to your bone health.

#3 A better night’s sleep circadian/melatonin

Natural light is also important for a healthy sleeping pattern. Our bodies have a natural clock which tells us when to sleep and when to wake up. This is called our “circadian rhythms”.

But if we don’t get enough light, then our circadian rhythms get disrupted, and our bodies don’t produce enough melatonin. Result? Irregular, broken sleep.

Yes, natural light is essential to our health. Talk to one of our experts today about finding the right window treatments – and getting the right amount of light.

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