How to make furnishings last longer

So you’ve just remodeled your house – with gorgeous new furniture, carpets, window treatments and curtains. Now you want to make those soft furnishings last for as long as possible, in the best possible condition. Here are some of our top tips to make soft furnishings last longer.

#1 Stay away from UV light

UV light is one of the worst things for soft furnishings. While we all love the sunshine, UV rays can do some serious damage: fading colors and bleaching fabric so that it looks thin, tired and shabby.

The best way to protect your decor from UV light is with window blinds, shades or even tinted windows. If you plan to be away from home for any length of time, you could also think about using furniture covers to keep the UV rays out.

#2 Control the humidity levels

Too much moisture in the air can be bad for soft furnishings. It can cause mold, fabric decay and even discoloration.

You can protect your home with proper ventilation and humidity controls. Most homes in the United States now have HVAC systems which should take care of the worst of the moisture, but you could also invest in a dehumidifier if you are concerned.

#3 Clean furnishings regularly

All soft furnishings need to be cleaned regularly – including furniture and curtains! If you have pets that shed hair, it’s even more important to clean furnishings to remove hair, dust and dirt.

Any stains should be cleaned off right away. You can spot-clean stains without having to wash the whole object – just be sure to use the right kind of stain remover, and test it first.

#4 Find a good repair service

If you notice a small scratch, tear or hole in your small furnishings, don’t just ignore it and hope for the best. A professional repair service will be able to fix the damage so that it doesn’t get any worse.  Most importantly, they’ll have access to the right materials for an invisible repair.

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