The latest prints and textures for window shades

This week, we look at the most popular prints and textures for window treatments in 2021. If you’re considering new blinds, shades or curtains, here are the latest styles.

Gray is our favorite neutral

Many people choose neutral colors for their window treatments. White, cream and beige are all classics. But the most fashionable neutral this year is gray. Look out for pale gray curtains, soft grey sheers, and weathered wooden shutters with a silvery tint.

Soft colors take the lead

We love a statement color – but not too loud! This year’s popular colors are the perfect compromise. Our favorite tones are sage green, blue gray, mustard yellow and dusty rose. These soft shades are gentle enough to work with any design.

Prints inspired by nature

Choosing a print for a statement shade? Think natural. This year’s most popular prints are Scandinavian-style leaf and flower drawings. Look out for prints in simple colors with an artsy, just-sketched-in-with-pencil outline.

Woven textures and natural materials

We’re seeing a lot of woven wood shades and blinds. These window treatments use natural fibers such as bamboo or wild grasses. As well as being eco-friendly, they create a wonderfully rich texture.

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