9 easy ways to save energy at home

Want to reduce your energy bills? Here are 9 quick fixes to save electricity and make your home a greener place to be.

1. Add more insulation

Roof insulation, wall insulation, and double-glazed windows can all make a big difference to your energy bill. They’ll also help to maintain a constant temperature inside your home.

2. Install smart window treatments

There’s a huge range of blinds and shades on the market, designed for different specific needs. Want to protect your privacy but let the sunlight in? Block out all the light and noise? Adjust your blinds for different times of day? There’s a window treatment for that!

3. Turn devices all the way off

We often leave devices on standby or in screensaver mode. But all those dead screens add up to a big electricity bill! Get into the habit of switching devices and computers off.

4. Use water-efficient faucets

Water-efficient faucets and showerheads are a very easy way to reduce your consumption. And with modern technology, you won’t even notice a difference in the water pressure!

5. Install smart controls

Now you can control the lights, heating and even appliances in your home with a tap on your mobile phone screen. As well as being convenient, the new generation of smart controls makes it easy to save energy.

6. Swap in LED lights

LED lights are more efficient, last longer, give off more light, and can even increase productivity. There’s literally no reason not to switch!

7. Get HVAC units serviced regularly

HVAC units need regular maintenance checks, otherwise, they can start to use a lot more energy. Out of date equipment, worn-out elements, and even a bit of dust can dramatically boost your household bills. Think of HVAC servicing as an investment that pays for itself.

8. Wash laundry on low heat

Did you know that you can clean most laundry by washing at just 90 degrees? This saves a huge amount of electricity over time. Save even more by drying laundry naturally with a clotheshorse or outdoor line.

9. Power up your refrigerator

Here’s a surprising tip: your refrigerator and freezer actually work better when they’re full. You can save on electricity by keeping them packed full. Don’t forget to dust the coils on the back of the refrigerator too, to keep it running smoothly.