What are micro blinds and where should you use them?

What are micro blinds? No, they’re not just very small window shades! They have a specific design and materials that make them very useful. Let’s talk about what micro blinds are, how they’re different from other window treatments, and where to use them.

What are micro blinds?

Micro blinds are called “micro” because they’re smaller than other types of blinds. They’re also sometimes called mini blinds or Venetian blinds.

Micro blinds are made out of narrow aluminum slats, with cords connecting them in a ladder pattern. They look similar to traditional blinds, but they’re smaller and lighter. As a result, they’re usually a good budget option too.

Where to use micro blinds

Micro blinds are best suited to certain types of windows. They’re especially good for shallow windowframes, where you can’t fit in a deeper, traditional set of shades. They also work well for small windows, or windows with an unusual shape.

We also see customers buying mini blinds for home offices or commercial buildings. It’s not just because they’re economical. Micro blinds are also great for privacy: they can be closed quickly and easily.

However, micro blinds don’t offer the same control over light levels that you get from transition shades or blackout blinds. They’re great for privacy or covering small windows, but you might want to consider different treatments for other types of window.

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