Elegant ideas to decorate your windows this season

The festive season is finally upon us –  so we’ve picked out some elegant ideas to decorate your home this winter. These are all crafts you can try at home, without any fancy equipment. They’re fun to try with kids, or you can go for a more grown-up, minimalist look.

Winter wreaths

Wreaths are a charming, traditional way to decorate the doors and windows of your home. And by choosing seasonal or local plants, you can add a touch of seasonal magic.

Design and lifestyle blog Hunker has some gorgeous ideas for wreaths with a 2020 look. If you want something traditional, try a greenery wreath with a delicate dusting of glitter or artificial snow. If you have a message of glad tidings to share, try spelling it out with a letter wreath or banner! And finally, if you want something seasonal but stylish, a simple white or single-color wreath will look beautiful.

Magic shadows

Here’s an idea that’s mainly for kids – but there’s no limit to what your imagination can come up with!

Cut simple shapes out of paper and attach them to your windows. We’re thinking stars, snowflakes, candles, festive messages or even Santa Claus! You can leave the shapes up all the time, or attach them to your window treatments so that they’re only visible when the blinds are down. Once you turn on the lights at night, your shapes will be lit from behind, like a magic puppet show.

Snowflake stencils

Last of all, this has to be our favorite winter décor idea of 2020, direct from the Holidaze Craze. Looking for something classy, subtle and chic? Try snowflake silhouettes.

Just like the previous idea, you start with a paper shape. But instead of attaching the paper to the window, use it as a stencil while you spray fake snow onto the window. Then remove the stencil for a perfect, snowy outline.

Have you decorated your house for the festive season? Share your photos with us on Instagram!

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