How to hang curtains over blinds

YES, you can combine blinds with curtains or drapes. Here’s how to hang curtains over window treatments without sacrificing style, comfort or convenience. But first of all: what are the benefits of combining drapes and blinds?

Why should you hang drapes over blinds?

There are several advantages to using curtains or drapes in addition to blinds. If you’re looking for sound insulation or temperature control, then curtains will provide another layer between you and the outside world. They also give you more choices when it comes to balancing light levels and privacy.

Adding drapes into the mix also gives you more design options. Fabric curtains can give a softer, more luxurious look to your home décor. There’s a whole world of colors, patterns and textures to choose from. You can choose drapes that contrast with your window treatments, or blend in with them.

How to hang curtains over blinds

There are a few basic do’s and don’ts for hanging curtains over blinds.

To start with, you want to make sure that the curtains frame the window and the blinds – instead of getting tangled up together. Your curtain rail should extend at least 30-60cm either side of the window and the blinds. You’ll also want to install curtain tiebacks so that you can keep the curtains fully open when desired.

Design blog BestCurtainsDecor recommends getting your colors correct. They suggest colored curtains for wood-toned blinds, while “white-colored curtains over white blinds can easily cheer up and brighten” a room. If you have patterned blinds, then plain drapes are probably best (and vice versa.

What are the best curtains to hang over blinds?

The best curtains to hang over blinds depend on the specific window treatment you have. For example, if you have fabric or metal roller blinds, then sheer curtains can look chic and minimalist. In contrast, wooden blinds often look better with a heavy, textured fabric.

In the end, the best curtains to hang over blinds are the curtains that you like best. Our team can help you find the perfect window treatment, and offer some tips for combining them with curtains or drapes.

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