Which window treatments look best from outside?

There are lots of reasons to love window treatments – they give you privacy, help control light levels, and can add a touch of elegance to any home design. But here’s an aspect you might not have considered before. What do your window treatments look like from the outside? And which blinds and shades will look best from the street?

What to avoid

Most window treatments will look good from the outside. But there are a few things to avoid if you want to increase your curb appeal.

Shades and blinds will start to look bad if they get dirty, dusty or stained. But window treatments are easy to maintain – most blinds can be cleaned simply with a soft cloth. If any slats get chipped or broken, ask your installer for a replacement part.

Now that’s sorted – which window treatments look best from outside your house?


Classic wooden shutters always look great from the outside. You can choose between natural wood or paint in custom colors. You could even get shutters in custom shapes or with decorative carving to add something special to your home’s façade. Shutters are especially popular if you want to create a rural, farmhouse, or beach-cottage look.

Wooden blinds

If shutters aren’t for you, but you still like the elegant look of natural wood, then you should consider wooden blinds. These sit inside the window, instead of outside like shutters. You can choose from a range of natural wood tones and textures, from fresh pine to antique dark wood.

Sheer fabric shades

Sheer fabric shades are a simple, elegant option which will match any design. They are neutral and look good in your windows of every shape and size.

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