Which window blinds are in fashion in 2020?

Now that we’ve all spent a few months at home in lockdown, many people are looking again at their décor and planning a home renovation. Before you pick a new shade or window blinds for your home, here’s what you need to know about the latest trends in window treatments in 2020.

Coastal colors

Fabric shades and wooden slat blinds now come in a range of colors. This year, coastal-themed colors are the most popular: pale greens, a sea of blues, and soft white tones. If you want a more neutral angle on this trend, try a pale eggshell blue or light grey.

Mixed textures

Design in 2020 is all about texture. That starts with natural materials like bamboo and woven rattan. These artisanal materials also work well with the sea-themed color palettes we mentioned above.

If rattan shades don’t appeal to you, then try mixing textures in other ways. We’ve seen a lot of interior designers matching classic wooden shutters with thick fabric curtains – creating a cozy, textured look in elegant materials.

High contrast

Here’s another bold trend we love in 2020. Try matching pale window treatments with dark-colored window frames, or the other way around. These contrast colors look amazing from both inside and outside the house and are a subtle way to enjoy the 2020 fashion for bold patterns. Speaking of which…

Bold patterns

According to Hunter Douglas, big, colorful patterns are back! We’re seeing more fabric shades with floral patterns, contrasting colors, and strong geometric designs. Try pairing these fabrics with accent walls or window frames in bold, dark colors for a maximalist effect.

Metal accents

As part of the trend for big, luxurious designs, metal accents and hardware are making a comeback. Think of curtain rails in shiny brass or wrought iron, chrome and gold blind cords, and classic pewter shutter hinges.

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