Are Solar Shades Right for you?

While taking a look at our wide variety of shades and blinds, you may have come across solar shades. Designed to block out UV light to keep the temperature down, they also work to protect your décor from dangerous rays that could damage them. They are carefully crafted out of a tightly woven fabric, which results in many different options, and a number of benefits.

Part of solar shade’s appeal is their protection against UV light, but their transparent material allows you to see the scenery outside. With many other shades disrupting your view of the outside world, solar shades can be carefully chosen to allow in the perfect amount of sunlight while maintaining your view. Perfect for places with a lot of heavy sunlight pouring in, they can even help you lower your energy bill!

Before you make your decision, keep in mind the color of the fabric you choose to use when designing your solar shades. While a darker color may result in a better see-through window, lighter colors will work to reflect the sunlight better and more effectively reduce the heat than a darker color would. That being said, if you’re looking to shade a room with smaller windows, then a lighter color would best suit you. If you have big windows with an outdoor setting you just can’t live without, then a darker shade is for you.

Are Solar Shades Right for you?-All Kinds of Blinds of South Florida

While solar shades give you the ability to choose the color and opacity, they also protect your privacy, at least during the day. The fabric’s tight weaves reflect the sunlight, meaning you can’t see into your home during the day, and vice versa. In the evenings, lighting up the interior of your home will mean people can see in, so we recommend getting a thicker curtain or adding a liner.

Whatever the case is, solar shades will make any person happy! With the ability to choose your color and opacity, while also lowering your energy bill, you’ll walk into your living room with an enormous smile on your face.