What are transitional shades and how do they work?

Some of our most popular window treatments are transitional shades – also known as zebra shades or banded shades. Here’s why so many people love them.

What are transitional shades?

Transitional shades are designed to give you the best of both worlds: the total privacy and peace of blackout shades, with the gentle natural light of blinds. You can choose whether to block out light completely, or let just the right amount of light in.

Transitional window treatments are a great option for rooms which you use at all hours of the day, because you can adjust the level of natural light to suit you. The opaque and sheer fabrics ensure your privacy at all times. Transitional shades are also a good choice for bedrooms, where you want blackout shades at night but natural light in the morning.

How transitional shades work

Unlike other window treatments, transitional shades have two layers, both made of fabric. You can choose between sheer, semi-opaque and opaque fabrics. For example, a transitional shade with opaque and sheer fabric could be used to block all light, or just provide a soft shade for privacy.

Because transitional shades are made from fabric, they are endlessly customizable. You could make your window treatments unique with different fabric shapes, colors or patterns.

Most transitional shades are designed as roller blinds. You can get motorized controls which let you adjust your shades at the touch of a button.

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