If You want Privacy, You need All Kinds of Blinds

Have you been looking for shades with privacy, but can’t seem to make up your mind? Maybe blackout shades are a little too much and solar shades just don’t do enough. You don’t want your room looking like a cave, but sometimes your current shades don’t block out enough. We’re here to help! If you’re interested in the shades that offer privacy, this the blog for you! While many shades offer privacy, some seem to do a better job than others.

Blackout Shades Image 1 - All Kinds of Blinds of South Florida

To begin, we’ll discuss blackout shades. While blackout shades have been around for decades, they do just as you think, black out a room. These are good for people who prefer a set lighting in their homes rather than natural light. They’re designed to not only make a room dark, but also reduce the amount of heat entering by about 24%. This means that blackout curtains will not only keep your place cooler in the summer, but warmer in the winter as well. While blackout shades are very effective, some people may want a little more visibility.

If you want a little more natural light and visibility, but want to keep your privacy safe, take a look at duette blinds and shades. These blinds are designed to not only dramatically increase your home’s insulation, but also offer you the ability to choose your preferred level of visibility. Their honeycomb design stops heat or cool air from seeping in to your home, and also lets you slide your blinds vertically, or horizontally. This option allows you to choose your desired view while keeping unwanted glares out of your home.

Whether you’re looking to blackout your room or simply want a little more privacy, the blackout and duette shades are great choices! Both decrease your ecological footprint while offering you the privacy you want!