Which window treatments are best for the bathroom?

Planning a bathroom reno? While you might be focused on that luxury tub or new vanity, the right window treatment is essential to a blissful bathroom experience. Here’s what to consider and how to choose the best bathroom window treatments.

Light levels and privacy

The bathroom is a very private space. For many people, it’s also a sanctuary where they prepare for the day ahead, find some peace, and unwind.

The first consideration is privacy. You’ll need shades which provide enough coverage for you to feel totally comfortable.

If you still want to bring in lots of natural light, you could look into frosted glass, light fabric blinds, or transitional shades. However, some people prefer shutters or blackout blinds, which guarantee total privacy when closed.

Choosing the right materials

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is the most volatile room in your home. That means it experiences lots of changes in humidity and heat levels throughout the day. So you’ll need bathroom window treatments which can stand up to humidity without warping.

The best option is a water-resistant fabric. Aluminum shades or wooden shades are also popular choices. And some people love wooden shutters because of their classic look and excellent ventilation.

Find your style

Ultimately, the choice of bathroom window treatments is up to you. The perfect shades will combine privacy and durability with the right look. The bathroom is your sanctuary – so it should look exactly the way you want.

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