Can window shutters reduce noise?

The world is getting louder. Road traffic, air traffic and workplace noise can make a serious difference to your health and wellbeing, especially if you have to deal with noise pollution for a long period of time. So how can you protect yourself? And can window shutters reduce noise?

Shutters work by insulation

Window shutters are effective insulators. They provide a solid barrier between your windows and the outside world. That’s why they’re an effective way to keep out heat and light during the day.

Window shutters can also reduce noise. Shutters have a double-insulating effect on outdoor noise, which stops it from entering your home.

First of all, solid shutters can “bounce” the noise away from your windows and back into the street. Second, if you have wooden shutters, they can absorb some of the noise. (Metal shutters or aluminum shutters will also reflect noise, but they can’t absorb it.)

Other ways to reduce noise pollution

There are other things that you can try to reduce noise, too. Just like shutters, double glazing or even triple glazing can keep heat, light, and noise out of your house. However, double and triple glazing are expensive options. You might find that window shutters are a more affordable way to reduce noise.

You can also use other fabrics to try and reduce noise. Heavy curtains, wall-to-wall carpeting or upholstered furniture will all act like soundproofing material to absorb noise from outdoors. A screen of plants or trees outside your window will also protect you from some of the noise in the street.

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