Easy home improvement projects while you’re on lockdown

We’re all spending more time at home than usual. But on the bright side, that means more time for home improvement projects, DIY and craft activities!

Here are some easy home improvement projects to try during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Make a window sun-catcher

Let’s start with an easy activity that’s fun for kids as well. Bring some color into your home with simple sun-catchers made from tissue paper or colored plastic! Click here for some Pinterest inspiration.

For a more grown-up version, you could use stained glass adhesives or even glass paint to create a stained-glass window effect.

Sort or cover cables

Mobile phones, computers, voice assistants, kitchen appliances… our modern homes are full of cables. If you have some spare time on your hands, this is a good moment to get organized!

Look into wall-mount cable ties so taht you can fix long cables in place and stop them from tangling. If you’re feeling ambitious, try this Home Addict idea for covering kitchen cables with stained wood panels.

See to the stairs

Staircases often get neglected in our home improvement projects. We use the stairs every day – but just because they’re so essential, they’re easy to overlook.

Try freshening up the baseboard along your stairs with a lick of paint. If you have uncarpeted stairs, you could add some extra color by painting the rises between stairs, or covering them with an adhesive finish.

Line cabinets and bookshelves

Cleaning out cabinets might seem like a chore… but trust us, the result is super-satisfying. Now is a great time to turn out your cabinets, throw out the junk, and re-line them with some pretty adhesive paper or giftwrap paper. Lining the backboard of your bookshelves will also create an artsy, vintage look.

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