Every type of Window shutter compared, part 3

Over the last few weeks, we’ve compared every type of window shutter – from simple louvers to plantation shutters and Palm Beach shutters. Today, we’re finishing off the series with 3 more shutter types that are best for South Florida homes. These designs will keep you safe from sun and storms.

Norman shutters

Norman shutters are another specialist window covering which we recommend for South Florida homes. Unlike some other shutters, they’re made with natural hardwood. So they are extremely tough, durable, and can stand up to storms and hurricanes. Our Norman Ultra shutters are available in over 50 different paint and stain colors.

Pirouette shutter shades

The Pirouette design is a neat compromise between shutters and shades. Pirouette shutter shades are made from fabric, with a sheer backing. They look exactly like standard shutters, but the fabric will protect you from harsh light even when the shutters are open. Choose Pirouette shutter shades if you want a classic look, along with UV protection and added privacy.

Bahama shutters

Bahama shutters have a different look from many of our other designs. Unlike traditional, plantation shutters, Bahama shutters are hinged at the top of the window frame. So when these shutters are open, they create an awning above the window.

Bahama shutters are available in aluminum or wood. They’re great for storm protection, and can be used to control airflow through your home.

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