What’s the difference between shades and shutters?

At All Kinds of Blinds, we provide both shades and shutters to homeowners in Palm Beach and Broward counties. But what exactly is the difference between shades and shutters? And which one is right for you?


Both shades and shutters are designed to cover the whole window, to block out light or give you privacy. But shades are distinctive because they move vertically: you can roll them up and down, like a blind.

When you install shades in your home, you can pick whether they move from the top or the bottom. So, for example, you could install shades which can be raised slightly to let light in at the bottom of the window, but maintain privacy at the top. Or you could choose the opposite, with shades that are rolled down from the top.


Unlike shades, shutters are operated from the side of the window. And you can’t open them partially. Shutters can be fully closed, or folded back against the wall – there’s no in between.

This means that shutters bring plenty of light into the room. They’re a classic design which also offers some protection from the elements outside. If you want more flexibility in the design, then you could install two-tier shutters, where the top and bottom of the shutters can be operated separately.

How to choose between shades or shutters

There’s a reason that shutters have been around so long: they look great in any design, and they fill the room with light. However, if privacy is your priority, then shades can be easier to manage. Think about your needs for window treatments, or visit All Kinds of Blinds to discuss your plans.

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