What are dual roller shades?

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the summer sunshine… but you’re worried about your privacy, too? Or have you ever got frustrated because you wanted to enjoy a movie, but the sun was shining through the windows onto your screen? Dual roller shades are designed to make life easier by giving you a choice between two shades in one. Here’s how that works.

What are dual shades?

Dual shades – also sometimes called dual roller shades – are when you have tow shade types housed within one system. So you might have a dual roller shade on one window which includes both a sheer privacy blind and a thick blackout blind for night time. With just the touch of a button or the twitch of a cord, you can change the atmosphere in the room.

Dual shades for home use

Dual shades are popular because they adapt to you. If you want to let the sunlight in, but keep prying eyes out, then you can let down the sheer blind. If you want to block out street lights at night or turn your lounge into a blacked-out movie theatre, then you can let down the thicker blind.

Dual shades for office use

Dual shades are also a great solution for offices, conference venues, and any other multi-use spaces. You can decide whether to use a light, sheer screen – or block out all external light so that your films and Powerpoint presentations show up better.

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