How to make your window blinds last longer

So you’ve invested in a new set of blinds –  and you’re really happy with them. Here’s how to care and maintain for a new set of blinds so that they last as long as possible.

#1 Clean and dust blinds regularly

Spend a few minutes with a duster and soft cloth to keep your blinds clean and dust-free. And it’s not just for aesthetic reasons. Clean blinds are safe from mould or blockages that could damage the roller mechanism.

#2 Keep a spare slat

When your new blinds were installed, they may have come with a spare slat or two. Don’t throw these out! If any of the slats in your blind get bent or broken, you can replace them quickly and easily.

#3 Act fast on stiff blinds

If your blinds do start to stick, don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Try to figure out where the sticking point is, and check for any blockages or issues with the roller mechanism. If it’s just a little stiff, then use some silicon spray or liquid graphite to make the mechanism run smoothly again.

#4 Make your home pet-proof

If you have cats at home, you’ll know that they often love to climb up the blinds, sit in the windows, and play with any dangling cords. You can’t change cats – but you can make your home pet-proof. When you have new blinds installed, choose a cord-free option. If you already have blinds that are operated with a cord, then try tucking the cord out of sight, or looping it around a hook so there is less length for your pet to play with.

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