Take your decor to new heights with a focus on your ceilings!

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Your ceiling can be overlooked (pardon the pun) but has an effect on the entire look and feel of the home!

We often consider our ceilings to be merely protection for our rooms, sitting blank at the tops of your walls. They really are a fifth wall that you can use to add an extra layer of decoration in a higher space. You can add beauty and character to any room by focusing on your ceilings, adding a more spacious feel while leaving no blank spaces.

Angela always takes the ceilings into consideration when consulting her clients regarding window treatments for their homes. She especially aligns her sights on what her clients want, and needs are but assist their decision using her 31 years of experience.

Here are some ideas on how to make a transformative impact on your interiors with your ceilings. If you would like a dramatic change to your ceiling, a professional contractor or engineer must be used to perform the work in order to maintain the structural features and safety in your home.

  • Warm wooden beams
  • Rustic wooden slats
  • Coved ceilings
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Add clerestory windows by raising the roof
  • Install skylights by cutting the roof

You can gain a dramatic change by altering only the minor elements, including paint or trim:

  • Creating contrast by using lighter or darker paint than the walls
  • Murals or stencils on the ceiling
  • Different types of paint finishes
  • Crown molding on the ceiling or nearby
  • Installing hollow beams supported by your home’s structure

Your ceilings should always be a part of your home renovation and decoration plan. Your home environment benefits greatly by a more modern, fresher ceiling.

Here are some ideas on how to make a transformative impact on your interiors with your ceilings. For these dramatic changes, you’ll need to hire a contractor (and maybe even an engineer) to advise you and do the work, keeping in mind structural issues in your home.

  • Wooden beams that ooze warmth
  • A more rustic feel with wooden slats
  • Vaulted or coved ceilings
  • Raising the roof to add more space with clerestory windows
  • Adding more light with skylights

Other ceiling enhancements are more minor, involving paint or trim additions, including:

  • Contrasting paint color, either darker or lighter than wall paint
  • Adding detail with murals and stencils
  • Experimenting with different paint finishes
  • Crown molding on or near the ceiling
  • Hollow beams that don’t add weight to your home’s structure

Take your home environment to a higher level. Don’t forget the ceilings in your decorating plan!

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