4 fun Halloween decoration ideas for windows and blinds

Halloween is almost here… and we’re thrilled! Here are some quick, easy, and fun ways to decorate your home for Halloween. You can make all of these Halloween decorations at home or with a quick trip to a craft store.

Spooky silhouettes

If you have smooth, flat blinds on your windows, then try this silhouette trick. Cut out paper shapes of witches, skeletons or ghosts, and attach them to the blind. When the lights in your home are switched on, the horrifying Halloween shapes will appear in the window.

Another variation on this idea is Halloween candle jars. Decorate glass jars with black paint or paper shapes glued to the outside of the glass, then set a candle inside.

Deadly window decals

You can also buy temporary window stickers with Halloween themes. Set a glowing orange pumpkin in the window, or a flight of black and purple bats.

Hidden horrors

Do you have roll-up or Venetian blinds on your windows? Hide a scary Halloween image in your blind so that it only appears when the blind is rolled down for the night. With Venetian blinds, you could paint a spooky design on the slats of the blind – just make sure you use washable paint!

Creepy cobwebs

Invest in a packet or spray can of artificial cobwebs to cover up your windows. If you have kids at home, you could even try making your own cobwebs as a fun weekend craft activity!

Do you have more Halloween decoration ideas? Tell us in the comments!

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