3 ways to improve your window insulation

We often talk about blinds as a way to manage your light levels. But did you know that blinds can also help to manage the temperature of your home – and your energy bills? In today’s post, we look at three ways to improve your window insulation, to maintain the perfect temperature and use less energy.

#1 Install double glazing

Double glazing is the gold standard in construction these days. The two layers of glass in your windows create a barrier between them, keeping your home insulated from the outside world. Whether you want to keep cool with air conditioning, or stay cozy in a storm, double glazing gives you an extra layer of protection.

If you don’t want to install double glazing, there are other options. Look out for a home window insulating kit. These usually include a film to cover the glass and some paste to seal any gaps around the window itself. Home insulation kits like this are a great budget option, but they won’t be as effective as genuine double glazing.

#2 Keep blinds down

When you have the blinds down on your window, they create another pocket of air. Just like double glazing, that puts up a barrier between your home and the temperatures outside. Closing the blind isn’t as effective as double glazing, but it still makes a difference. Thick, vertical blackout blinds are especially effective at blocking out any draughts.

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#3 Add extra insulation

You can maximize the insulating effect by installing the right type of blinds. We’re proud to offer the latest technology with Duette Honeycomb insulating shades.

The Honeycomb shades have a cellular, hexagonal design – like the compartments of a beehive. This unique shape helps to trap air and add just a little bit more support to that barrier between indoor and outdoor temperatures.

We install Duette Honeycomb shades vertically, so that they cover your windows as efficiently as possible. And they even have a slight soundproofing effect!

Want to improve your window insulation, at home or in the office? Come in and speak to one of our experts today!

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