Cordless Blinds Delray Beach

Cordless Blinds Delray Beach

Cordless blinds provide a clean, stylish look to your home while ensuring privacy. Our cordless blinds are available in various sizes and are extremely easy to install.

Louver Blinds

PVC louver blinds are durable and functional. They are one-inch wide and are adjustable to allow as much light as you want. When fully closed, our louver blinds block excessive light effectively. You can install our louver blinds on the inside or outside of your window frame. The hidden mounting brackets hold the blinds in place and provide a cleaner finish.

Wider Louver Blinds

We have two-inch wide PVC louvers. Our louver blinds have a unique design making them beautiful and extremely durable. A color-coordinated wand allows you to adjust the angle and height of the blind. Measuring 35.6 inches by 36 inches, our wide louver blinds can accentuate any room in an office or home.

Blackout Cordless Blinds

Our affordable blackout shades feature high-quality polyester making them durable. The blinds have a unique honeycomb design with insulating properties. It warms up your home in winter and cools it down in summer. In addition, our blackout cordless blinds are easy to maintain. A soft cloth or vacuum cleaner with a brush is all you need to clean them.

Pleated Fabric Shades

Our pleated fabric blinds are ideal for silhouette window shading. They feature a light paper-like fabric similar to the headrest fabric used in airplanes. This fabric is opaque for maximum privacy. One can only see silhouettes when peeking through the blinds. It improves privacy in your home.

Solar Screen Slides

We supply solar screen slides in a wide range of colors. Our solar screen shades will filter out harmful UV-rays without obstructing your view. Besides protection from harmful UV rays, our solar screen shades provide heat control and indoor natural light management.

Pleated Cordless Slides

Our pleated cordless slides feature one-inch pleats for added aesthetics. They are available in shades of white, grey, ecru, and camel. In addition, we have pleated cordless blinds ranging from 20 inches to 27 inches. There are more sizes within that range in one-inch increments.

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds add a contemporary and stylish feel to any home or office. Our wood blinds come in various colors to accentuate your home. Popular wood blind colors include Coffee bean, English walnut, Rosewood, basswood, distressed wood, white, and black.

All wooden blinds are kiln dried and coated with a UV-resistance element. It increases the wood's shelf life and protects you from harmful UV light. Our wooden slides are motorized for ease of operation. Adding the blinds to your home's automation system allows you to control all blinds remotely.

Sliding Panels

Our slider panels are ideal for your ceiling-to-floor windows and patio doors. We provide various fabrics for our slider panels, depending on how much light control you need. In addition, we can fit solar slides onto our slider panels to create a unique home environment. You can use them to control window lighting or as home dividers.

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