Everything you need to know about… bamboo shades

Our product catalog now features a stylish selection of bamboo shades. But why choose bamboo over classic wooden, aluminum or fabric shades? Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of bamboo window treatments.

They’re eco-friendly

Bamboo is a natural plant material, so it’s good for the planet. It matures quickly, doesn’t require any chemicals to grow, and will eventually biodegrade without leaving any plastics behind.

They’re strong and light

Bamboo has been a favorite with builders and carpenters for centuries. Why? Because it’s exceptionally strong and durable – but it’s also lightweight, flexible, and easy to cut into custom shapes. You can get bamboo shades to fit any size or shape of window.

They’re easy to clean

Bamboo window treatments are very easy to care for. Just dust them or wipe them down with a soft, damp cloth. They don’t need polishing, special sprays, or washing.

They have a natural gloss

Bamboo wood has a beautiful natural sheen, even without varnish or polishing. The natural shade and shine of bamboo looks good with any design or color scheme.

They’re affordable

Most natural wood is on the expensive side. But bamboo is very affordable, because it grows fast and it’s easy to work with. If you want a natural wood look without the cost, bamboo is a great option.

They go with everything

Bamboo shades look good anywhere: as part of a minimalist modern home, in a rustic setting, or as a subtle window treatment that doesn’t overshadow the rest of your interior design. What’s not to love?

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