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Advice When Shopping For Blinds

Have you ever shopped for window coverings and been confused by all of the choices? Consider the following questions when shopping for window coverings.

What are your needs for privacy?
This is an important question because your safety and security is directly related to what is covering your window. Hunter Douglas has products with opacities that range from sheer to total privacy and many degrees in between. Your needs for privacy in the bedroom will obviously be different from your needs in the dining room.

What direction does my window face?
Is it a warm, sunny room? Is your window facing south or west? If so, your room's temperature may rise quickly or the sun's rays may fade your furniture and carpeting. Hunter Douglas has energy efficient GREEN products that are not only gorgeous but will also keep your room cool and filter harsh sunlight. This means savings on your cooling bill and enjoying your investment in furniture and carpeting for a longer period of time. For energy efficiency consider Duette and Duette Architella honeycomb shades, which can reduce energy loss through windows by up to 50%.

What are my needs for light control?
Some blinds, such as roller shades, only go up or down, but the amount of light coming in to the room can not be adjusted. If light control is a concern, we recommend a product that has a louver. It can be a louver that is either horizontal or vertical. With louvers light can be redirected. By rotating or tilting the louvers, the complexion of a room can be completely altered. Mini blinds, Wood blinds, Silhouette, Nantucket, Pirouette or Luminette are examples of blinds with louvers.

How do my windows open? Do I open them often?
Some windows open up. Some open outwards and some open inwards. Some windows even slide side to side. There is no standard window opening so it is important to ask yourself how your window opens because a beautiful window covering is useless if it doesn't function appropriately. For windows and doors which are opened frequently, we recommend the use of Luminette Privacy Sheers, Duette Vertiglides or vertical blinds.